It's coming back!  Country Comes to Town's Heritage Festival Day in Portadown will be on Saturday 15th September 2018! This year is the 20th annivsary of Country Comes To Town so it is sure to be bigger and better than ever. So spread the word and make your plans to be there on that date!

Every year Portadown’s Country Comes to Town Festival goes from strength to strength! Bringing tens of thousands of visitors into Portadown on the third Saturday in September; the festival spectacle draws crowds from all over Ireland and from as far away as Scotland and even London. Each year that passes the word spreads wider and wider. We reckon our coach park will be full to overflowing this year!

Portadown’s roots lie in its success as an early market town. Country Comes to Town brings back some of the sights and sounds of those former days when rural dwellers came to town to sell their wares. The people of the town and surrounding villages are very supportive of the event. And the layout of the town with its long, wide main street lends itself to a spectacular sight when filled with the frenzy of music and dance as people let their hair down. The organisers judge the success of the event, not only by the size of the massive crowds it draws; but also by the smiles and laughter that rings out at the antics of some of the wilder musical buskers or speciality entertainers prowling around the streets.

Thank you to all our sponsors.